Our Approach

Most of the NonProfits fail within few years of their incorporation. Some are misguided and incorporators have to face Civil and Criminal penalties. We do Legal Research on sustainability of the Project and the nonprofit’s ability to deliver its mission effectively now, and in the future. Board is suddenly burdened with tons of paperwork and  huge legal bills. We can help in reducing legal bills by research and using Govt. and Attorney Approved formats.

Legal Research is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit.

We also help in updating a nonprofit’s technology, and improving how it measures its outcomes by building the capacity of a charitable nonprofit to effectively deliver its mission thereby enhancing the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Our Story

We have researched and helped many NonProfits in conception, Incorporation and Member disputes. We have extensive Research Portfolio of Litigation of NonProfits with IRS, State AG’s and USDOJ. Please see our blog which we constantly update.

California Small Claims Advisor Program

There are no attorneys allowed in California Small Claims Court. The Small Claims Advisor Program gives legal and procedural information and helps you fill out court forms.

The Small Claims Advisor Program provides legal information, assistance preparing court forms, and procedural advice to self-represented litigants, such as:

What to do Before Filing
Filing Defendant’s Claim
Jurisdiction and Venue
Requesting a Continuance of the Trial
Where to File
Mediation Options
How to Name a Defendant
Paying Judgment in Installments
Service of Process
How to Collect a Judgment

Immigration fraud by Non Attorney Consultants

Most states have tried to regulate USCIS forms preparation business by imposing restrictions like requirements of bond and registration by State authorities.

But no state or federal authorities have fixed any costs for these preparers and market determine the rates.

BIA however regulates the Accredited Representatives who can prepare, file and appear on behalf of clients if they are associated with a Nonprofit.

We work to educate clients so this fraud in prevented, offer low cost services to customers and connect them to other nonprofits as well as ProBono Attorneys.

Bankruptcy Fraud by Non-Attorney Filers

Each complete Ch7 or Ch13 Bankruptcy filing may consist of 70-100 pages. Most people file a bare urgent petition 15-20 pages and fail to prepare and file forms within 15 days. This results in dismissal by Courts due to improper filings. Obviously, Attorneys have a huge responsibility and their services doesn’t come cheap. Average Attorney charges anywhere from $800-$6000 depending on the jurisdiction and work involved. The huge costs force low income customers to either file themselves as “ProSe” and/or hire an Bankruptcy Petition Preparer. All Bankruptcy Courts have fixed fees which Bankruptcy Petition Preparer can charge. This fees varies from Court to Court and most Bankruptcy Petition Preparers don’t follow these instructions. All Courts Bankruptcy Petition Preparers as to how to follow these guidelines.