We provide education consultancy to students who want to come to USA for study. We in collaboration with Education Institutions help students in college selection, college application, essay writing, securing admission and getting I-20 by SEVIS approved colleges. This is first step to start on your student journey in USA.

Placement / Training

We guide students to create a great resume and promote these resumes for job or training opportunities for OPT /CPT /Visa EAD/ Citizen jobs on our or other job-boards.


We work directly with Employers and source right candidates from our pool of candidates. We have diverse experience in supplying IT, Legal, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Assistants, Virtual Staff. We can also recommend staffing and employer of record agencies for W2 and 1099 positions.


We also provide initial screening of Visa issues and recommend Visa Consultants / Attorneys.

NFP Incorporation

We also provide services in all USA jurisdictions to incorporate as Not for profit and file IRS 501 c 3 applications.


We provide Non-Attorney services to pro se individuals in all USA Jurisdictions through our volunteers. This includes providing links and research to Self-Help forms and Legal Research links. We can also recommend paralegals to non-attorney work.